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First, Expiration and Inspiration. Get the Qi.

Second, Hang the penis. Gather the Qi.

Third, Stretch tendon.Operate the Qi.

Fourth, Flap. Promote the Qi

Fifth, Meditation. Regulate the Qi.

There are three stages in the exercise of Yi Jin Xi Sui Gong

Stage one:
Xiaoguan can improve the sub-health status of cold hands and feet, dizziness and tinnitus, fatigue and weakness, palpitation and shortness of breath, etc.; meanwhile, it has obvious effect on bone and joint diseases such as periarthritis of shoulder, cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis, etc.

Stage two:
Zhongguan needs to cooperate with the twelve movements of Yijinjing to refine Qi and solve the problems of internal organs.
When the weight of Zhongguan is reached, all channels and collaterals will be naturally dredged, toxic dirt and garbage in the body will also be discharged from the body, and various chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cardio cerebrovascular diseases, coronary heart disease and prostate problems can be well improved.

Stage three:
With the cooperation of meditation and Bigu, Daguan can make prostate problems, sexual dysfunction, infertility, and various chronic diseases enter the stage of self-healing through the 12 ways of guiding of Yijinjing and training vitality into mentality.

The method of expiration and inspiration:
As the most basic and important method. Through a breath can exercise our lungs, because the lungs lead Qi, through the expiration and inspiration can increase our Qi. Enough Qi can turn into blood and sperm, and sperm turn into Qi-blood and fluid.

Qi-blood and fluid is the product of normal physiological activities of viscera. It is governed by viscera. At the same time, they are the material basis of human life activities. Once Qi-blood and fluid produces pathological change, it can affect the function of viscera not only, also affect the life activity of human body.
Simply put, the material basis of our lives can be enhanced by Expiration and Inspiration.
Expiration and Inspiration at the same time can make the heart beating and the blood circulation, supply the body more oxygen. Blood to carry oxygen and nutrients to the body cells, it helps to lower cholesterol, adjust“Three Highs”, also improve had formed the physiological state of the congestion of the viscera. Such as myocardial infarction, cerebral thrombosis, early cirrhosis, fatty liver, prostate, renal function, and so on.

Kai Jin Dian Xue:
Kai Jin refers to the practice of Yi Jin twelve and other health preserving skills, make the joint muscles of the human body sensitive and improve the quality of the body. Dian Xue is the main acupoints of three meridians (Ren、Du and Chong), which promote the circulation of Qi and blood in the body, activate the potential of perineum acupoints and enhance the physiological function. Before hanging down, it is a prerequisite for the whole Xi Sui Training to open tendons for the external kidney and the surrounding area. It is a channel to open the communication between internal Qi and the outside world. The body is the portal, and Kai Jin Dian Xue is the key to open the body code, without this key we can not open the door of health. Meanwhile it is impossible to ensure the safety of the hanging in the later period and reach the state of "Critical Mark". When practicing Xi Sui Gong. It must be carried out by the master according to each person's situation.

Root hanging:
We all know that Ren Meridian lead blood, Du Meridian lead Qi , Qi and blood are enough after they get through. As the core method of Xi Sui Training. hanging is the fastest way to get through the Ren and Du Meridians. It carries the weight through penis and strengthens the Qi of pubic region. This place is not only the three meridians meet, which is highly valued by the Nei Jia Kung Fu practitioners, but also a part of the kidney in traditional Chinese medicine and the birthplace of hormones recognized by modern medicine. Men, in particular, experience a gradual decline in their hormones as they age, leading to a decline in physical and sexual ability.

Root hanging

The principle of Yi Jin Xi Sui Training, It does this by secreting your own hormones and enlarge oneself. So as to achieve the purpose of strong body and kidney.
The most important point is that hanging down the root does not dissipate energy, but also can smooth the meridians and collaterals, filling the whole body with Qi and blood, and enhancing the inborn gestation function of the kidney organs. Through the true Qi always down, it can solve the problems of essence and spirit from the root, and enhance the immunity.

Meridian flapping:
Flapping can activate collaterals, strengthen muscles and bones, develop muscles, move joints, promote blood circulation, enhance metabolism and improve the body's resistance to disease, so as to strengthen the body and delay aging. Through Expiration and Inspiration to get Qi, Hang penis to collect Qi, and then flapp meridian to promot Qi.

Chen Jin Ba Gu:
It can recuperate the breath inside, body can activity outside, therefore we said internal and external. All previous dynasties scholars think that it can make human body's energy combined carefully from practicing this method. After gradual exercise, it makes internal organs, twelve veins and general fully prepared, and balance Yin and Yang, loose muscle and activate collaterals, regulate metabolism, enhance the physiological function of various organs. So as to achieve the purpose which strong physique, resist and dispel diseases, resist ageing and prolong life.

Meditation is not only a health care, recuperation physical and mental cultivation method, but also an important Kong Fu to change temperament and cultivate character. In ancien times, whether it is Confucian or Taoist. There are called people sit quietly said.
Traditional Chinese medicine holds that “heart contains the deity, governing mind”, that is to say, the deity of our body lives in the heart, and all life activities should be regulated by the mind, including the process of our kidney storing essence, refining the essence and convert it into Qi, blood, fluid, liquid and marrow.

As for Buddhism, it is closely related to value practice and meditation.
Meditation can relieve stress, release anxiety, tension, fidgety and restless emotions, make the whole life feel calm, joy, ease and peace of mind.

Warm tip:
Practice Xi Sui Gong, although the heavy things hang down, but Qi will rise, and then flap, will flow all over the body. In the process of training, the body will produce a variety of dynamic phenomenon, such as heat, jump, cool, shock, anaesthesia, acid and so on. This is the sign of pulse movement in fighting disease, so don't worry about it.

What are the advantages of practicing Yi Jin Xi Sui Gong?
1.Regulate and improve prostate problems, sexual dysfunction, impotence and premature ejaculation, etc;
2.Improve the physiological function of men and women, greatly improve the probability of pregnancy.
3.Improve periarthritis of shoulder, cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation and other bone and joint diseases;
4.Improve the common chronic diseases of middle-aged and old people, such as three high, diabetes, cardio cerebrovascular diseases, etc;
5.Strengthen the muscles and bones, stretch the meridians and collaterals, enrich the Qi and blood, and cultivate yuan to strengthen the foundation;
6.Activate blood and collaterals, improve cold hands and feet, qi stagnation and blood stasis, and palace cold;
7.Improve all kinds of gynecological diseases, such as hyperplasia of mammary gland, hysteromyoma, dysmenorrhea, etc;
8.It is beneficial to the postoperative rehabilitation of major diseases such as tumor and cancer;
9.Delay the aging, stop the skin and beautify the skin, and prevent hair loss and white hair;
10.Improve sleep quality, relieve mood, release pressure, prevent depression, etc;
11.Strengthen immunity and health;
12.Shape and lose weight, help postpartum recovery.

Practicing crowd
1.People with decreased immunity (easy to catch cold, weak and ill, etc.);
2.People who want to improve the quality of life of husband and wife due to sexual dysfunction, frigidity and weakness;
3.People with kidney deficiency, such as premature aging, aching waist and knees, tinnitus, loose teeth, etc;
4.People with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, people with three high levels, people with diabetes, gout, asthma, leukaemia and other related channels and blood diseases;
5.Health and martial arts lovers;
6.People with energy decline, high pressure and depression;
7.People with mental decline (memory decline, slow response, insomnia and dreaminess);
8.People with panic, chest tightness, irregular heart rate and palpitation;
9.People with prostate problems;
10.Gynecological inflammation;
11. People with menopausal syndrome.

Characteristics of Yi Jin Xi Sui Training
Profound connotation, millennium heritage
The treasure of Shaolin temple, created by dharma founder, has been inherited for more than 1500 years. It is known in China health preserving skills get Qi fastest, the fastest harvest of health learning.
Yi Jin Xi Sui, the peak of health preserving
It is the most simple, effective, safe and economical self-treatment in the world. It is the priceless treasure to eliminate many difficult diseases. It is called the operation without knife.
The source of health preserving, not medicine and healing
This Kong Fu is enlightened in the vulva, strengthens the vital energy of pubic region, strengthens the kidney organ as the innate essence, as the source of viscera Yin and Yang, and as the source of life, it solves the problem of vital energy and spirit from the root, and improves immunity.
Simple moves, instant results
It is easy to learn, time-saving and efficient, effective and comprehensive, used to improve male sexual ability, even reverse aging and many other diseases.