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President Tian Jianhong

Tian Jianhong, born in Sichuan Province, Buddhist Name Yanyu, the 34th generation convert disciple of Shaolin Temple, director of Songshan Shaolin Office in Beijing, and President of Henan Yijinjing Health Management Consulting Institute. At present, it is known as "the first person of China's Yijinjing" and one of the important promoters of China's Shaolin Temple's Yijinjing culture.

It seems that in the dark, President Tian Jianhong and Shaolin must have the same fate. As a child, he was deeply influenced by Shaolin Kung Fu by watching movies and TV plays. As an adult, he gradually narrowed the distance with Shaolin through his unremitting efforts. In 2006, he became the global executive director of the "China Kung Fu Star Global TV competition". In 2008 and 2011, he was the producer of the TV series "Shaolin Sengbing" and the executive producer of "New Shaolin Temple".

All this may be due to the supreme belief of President Tian Jianhong in Shaolin. In his own words: "a man of faith, no matter when and where he goes, will try or touch the goal that has not been reached or can be achieved firmly based on his faith. Shaolin as for me, is such a goal that will be reached soon."

The first communication between President Tian Jianhong and Shaolin was around 2005. At that time, the tide of Shaolin fever had not subsided. How to balance the conflicts on religious culture and intellectual property rights was a difficult problem for Shaolin Abbot Shi Yongxin and others. With his market acumen, he assisted the leaders of his company at that time to actively promote the cooperation with Shaolin temple culture promotion, and then he was responsible for the "China Kung Fu Star Global TV competition". So far, President Tian Jianhong officially stepped on the stage of Shaolin Temple.

In 2011, he first came into contact with Yijinjing through his master, Shi Yongxin. With the introduction of the Great Monk Shi Yongxin, he was destined to meet the successor of Shaolin Yijinjing, Shi yanwang, and get his true skill.

Shi Yongxin hopes that President Tian Jianhong can carry forward the inheritance of Yijinjing and Xisuigong, and combine the modern network information dissemination channels to make the general public feel the benefits of this skill.

"Yi" refers to the meaning of flexibility, and change. "Jin" refers to physique and fascia, "Jing" means guide and code. It literally means to change the muscles and bones, and to open up the whole body meridians by cultivating the Genuine Qi of Dantian. At first, when he spread to others, everyone thought that he was a liar. He went away without listening to two sentences, but this didn't discourage him. Instead, it stimulated his motivation and strengthened his faith. This set of Shaolin skills can't be submerged by history. He must let the public understand, learn and carry forward.

During this period, he met Zhang Tuo, the founder of Henan Yijinjing Research Institute. Zhang Tuo was originally a compassionate entrepreneur. He believed that as an entrepreneur, he had the responsibility to benefit the public and bring happiness and well-being to everyone around him and even to tens of millions of families. After the two people talked, they felt sympathetic and met later. Then they clicked right away and jointly founded Henan Yijinjing Research Institute with Shaolin eminent monks and folk experts who practiced Yijinjing. With Yijinxisuigong as the carrier, with the mission of improving the quality of human life, inheriting Chinese health culture, with the vision of building the first brand of Chinese health culture, with the service concept of "One heart, Advance together,Co-create, Win-win" and the goal of making thousands of families happy again, they will work together for it.

Up to now, President Tian Jianhong and Henan Yijinjing Research Institute have held nearly 100 off-line secret training courses. Participants are all from all over the country, and even more, Hong Kong, China and South Korean Chinese are all coming across the sea.

As the disseminator of Shaolin culture and the Promotion Ambassador of Yijinjing, President Tian Jianhong has been invited to attend various activities for many times. For example, in 2014, he went to the video column of "China's positive energy" sponsored by the Chinese cadre learning network of the Party School of the CPC Central Committee, and talked about the healthy way of Yijinjing with a group of beneficiaries of learning Yijinjing.

Oriental TV's "fashion collection" column was a domestic high-end fashion program with international characteristics. It invited actors, designers, fashion experts, etc. to discuss and share their fashion experience. Under the chairmanship of Li Jianian, the famous host, Tian Jianhong personally taught guests and audience to practice Yijinjing for 15 minutes every day to build a healthy body. The audience rating of this program was very high.

In order to promote and expand the spread of Yijinjing culture, Tian Jianhong, the director of Shaolin Liaison Office in Beijing in 2014, founded Beijing Urban Zen hall. Since then, Shaolin Yijinjing culture has taken root in the capital and started to go to the world through the spread of foreign disciples.

With regard to the original intention of the establishment of the City Zen hall, President Tian Jianhong has a very simple desire to bring health to everyone and happiness to more families. In addition, he also has a great wish: in his lifetime, he will do his best to promote the improvement of the health level of Chinese people, so that everyone can live a long and healthy life, and be dependent on and happy for the old.

Mr. Cai, the beneficiary, said that when he felt powerless, he practiced Yijinjing, and there was a rush of warm air in his body, pouring into his whole body, and he would feel powerful immediately. He practices Yijinjing on time every day, such as Zen sitting, Zen walking, Zen lying and Zen standing. In this way, he will not feel boring in various forms, but also be conducive to mobilizing his inner potential.

In addition to promoting the practice of health preservation actively,Master Tian Jianhong was still working hard on health preserving of traditional Chinese medicine. His teacher was professor Hu Weiqin, the official physician of red wall and the head of four national doctors. Tian aimed to master more health maintenance methods and give back to the society.

Professor Hu Weiqin is an honorary consultant of Henan Yijinjing Health Management Consulting Institute. Under the guidance of Professor Le Wenzhao, one of the four famous doctors and a famous internal medicine expert in China, he is good at the treatment and rehabilitation of various difficult and miscellaneous diseases such as senile diseases and diabetes.

In 1971, Professor Hu entered Zhongnanhai, served as the full-time health care doctor of chairman Zhu De, the full-time health care doctor of Chairman Hua Guofeng, participated in the medical care work led by Yao Yilin, Ye Jianying, Li Xiannian and other central authorities, was responsible for the private medical care work of the last emperor Pu Yi, and was responsible for the medical care work of senior generals Du Yuming, Du Jianshi and Wang Yaowu of the Kuomintang.

Tian Jianhong, who has boundless learning and constant practice, is doing what he is good at with great joy every day. That kind of harmonious and accessible state can not be achieved by everyone.

In the future, we believe that President Tian Jianhong will bring hope and health to more people and families!