Washing Marrow Kong Fu


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Xi Sui Gong is the most effective way to recuperate various Sub-health States

YiJinJing Institute Of HeNan   Views: 632  Time: Wednesday November-20 2019 16:34:30

All kinds of sub-health diseases are caused by deficiency of Qi and blood. In our internal organs of the body, each department has its own "Qi". The stomach has its stomach qi, the liver has its liver qi, the spleen has its spleen, the kidney has its kidney qi, and the heart has its heart qi. If the stomach qi is insufficient, the function of the stomach will decline, the function of the stomach will not reach maturity, and then the absorption of nutrition will be affected. Adhere to the practice of easy muscle and marrow washing can quickly open up Qi, gather Qi, move Qi and regulate qi. When Qi and blood are sufficient, gastrointestinal function will naturally improve.