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The ideal effect of health preservation can be achieved by practicing Xi Sui Gong

YiJinJing Institute Of HeNan   Views: 632  Time: Wednesday November-20 2019 15:09:31

But how many kinds of diseases does TCM have? Two kinds, one is called asthenia, the other is called actual disease. Deficiency is an internal disease, which is caused by the imbalance of Yin and Yang in the body. The real disease is caused by external disease, that is, the negative energy between universes.

Because of the difference of the inborn basic metabolic rate of the human body, that is, the index of calories consumed by the human body without eating, drinking or moving. If the inborn basic metabolic rate is low, or the peripheral blood circulation is poor, the hands and feet are easy to be cold and numb in winter, which belongs to the constitution of "deficiency"; some people have a high inborn basic metabolic rate, not only the hands and feet are always hot, but also the mouth is dry and the tongue is dry and the stool is dry due to "getting angry" Secret and so on, belong to "actual disease" constitution.

Qi is the physiological function of visceral activities, and blood is the material basis of visceral activities. It is very important to treat Qi without forgetting to treat blood and blood without forgetting to treat Qi in clinic. Yin and Yang correspond to and transform each other. If the Yang Qi is too much, the syndrome of "heat" will be produced. If the heat potential does not subside, the syndrome of Yin fluid will be further consumed, and the syndrome of yin deficiency will appear. If the Yin deficiency is too much, the syndrome of "cold" will appear. If the cold pathogen does not subside, the syndrome of Yang Qi will be further consumed, and the syndrome of Yang deficiency such as chilly limbs, edema and diarrhea will appear

The metabolism of the human body and the material basis of the five Zang Fu organs (belonging to Yin) must depend on the functional activities of internal organs of the body (belonging to Yang), and Yin and yang are interdependent to ensure the health of the body. The ancients have said, "Yin and yang are secret, spirit is governance, yin and yang are separated, and spirit is decisive". If the Yin and Yang of human body are unbalanced and cannot be used for each other, the life of human beings will stop if there is partial prosperity or decline, or the separation of yin and Yang.

There are five core skills of Xi Sui Gong, namely, breathing, beating, hanging, stretching and meditating. It is a kind of scientific practice of health preserving and disease eliminating, which is added to the thousand year old traditional health preserving skills according to the health preserving needs of modern people. Starting from the enhancement and activation of Qi and blood, the disease is mainly caused by Invigorating Qi, supplemented by nourishing blood and activating blood; the disease is mainly caused by invigorating blood, supplemented by Invigorating Qi and promoting Qi, so as to achieve the fullness of Qi and blood and unobstructed blood vessels. When the Qi and blood are full and the blood vessels are smooth, the body's Yin and Yang and metabolism are naturally balanced, so as to achieve the purpose of eliminating diseases, preventing diseases and prolonging life.

To warm the spleen and kidney, it is necessary to practice Yi Jin Xi Sui Gong. It is a kind of traditional health keeping skill that exercises "tendons, bones and skin" outside and "essence, Qi and spirit" inside. Through the exercise of essence and spirit, the vitality of human body can be replenished, and the normal physiological activities of viscera can be stimulated and promoted to maintain the health of the body. Vitality is born in the nature, nourishment is born in the day after tomorrow, kidney is born in the nature, spleen and stomach are born in the day after tomorrow. The function of Xi Sui Gong makes the heart and kidney intersect, the kidney yang strengthens the foundation, the Spleen Yang heals and transports, the stomach qi passes and falls, so as to make the kidney qi sufficient, the stomach and the Fu organs pass and fall, and the spleen transports to a certain degree. When the spleen and kidney function operates normally, the human body diseases will not come to the door naturally.