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President Tian Jianhong

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President Tian Jianhong

Buddhist Name Yanyu

Songshan Shaolin temple Beijing Office director

President of Henan Yi Jin Jing Health Management Consulting Research Institute

The 34th generation conversion disciple of Shaolin received by Yongxin, the abbot of Shaolin Temple

Under the personal guidance and professor of Shiyanwang, successor of Shaolin Yi Jin Jing, teacher Tian gained the hard-earned true skill. He cherished it so much that he kept practicing in the hot summer and bitter winter , and finally achieved his goal.

In addition to promoting the practice of health preservation actively,Master Tian Jianhong was still working hard on health preserving of traditional Chinese medicine. His teacher was professor Hu Weiqin, the official physician of red wall and the head of four national doctors. Tian aimed to master more health maintenance methods and give back to the society.

Poor to protect themselves and economy in the world. As the propagator of Shaolin culture and the pioneer of Yi Jin jing, Tian has been running all over the country in recent years, aiming to bring health to more people and make more people feel the broad and profound of Yi Jin Jing culture.