Since 2016, General secretary Xi Jinping put forward: "without universal health, there is no comprehensive well-off society". National health has been regarded as the top priority of national development.

Zhang Tuo, founder of Henan Yijinjing Health Management Consulting Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as "Henan Yijinjing Research Institute"), actively responds to the call of the state, takes carrying forward the essence of traditional health preservation as his duty, takes Yijinxisuigong as the carrier, improves the quality of human life, inherits the Chinese health preservation culture as the mission, takes building the first brand of Chinese health preservation culture as the vision, takes “One heart, Advance together,Co-creation,Win-win” as the service concept, and the goal of making thousands of families happy again, he jointly founded Henan Yijinjing Research Institute with Shaolin eminent monks and folk experts who practiced Yijinjing. Tian Jianhong, director of Songshan Shaolin Temple's Beijing Office and the 34th generation of Shaolin Temple's convert disciple, is the President of the Institute.

Tian Jianhong
Buddhist Name Yanyu
Shaolin Temple Yijinjing Promotion Ambassador
The 34th generation conversion disciple of Shaolin
Songshan Shaolin temple Beijing Office Director
President of Henan Yi Jin Jing Health Management Consulting Research Institute
The most admired student of professor Hu Weiqin,the head of Hongqiang Royal Doctor and the top of the four national doctors

Up to now, Henan Yijinjing Research Institute has held nearly one hundred secret training camps offline. The participants are all from all over the country. What's more, Hong Kong, China and South Korean Chinese are all coming across the sea.

The YiJinJing Research Institute of Henan province has gained public recognition and support because its highly praised "Yi Jin Xi Sui Gong" not only combined the essence of "Yi Jin Jing" and "Xi Sui Jing", which was two unique health preserving skills created by Bodhidharma in the ninth year of facing the wall in the Northern and Southern Dynasties, but also combined with the earliest Chinese medical classics, and one of the four classics of traditional medicine, the theory of HuangDiNeiJing, which was based on the theory of Damour. Under the repeated cultivation, verification and improvement of Shaolin eminent monks, according to the health care needs and scientific theories of modern people, a systematic health care system has finally been formed, which takes Buddhism as the core and combines Taoism, medicine, Confucianism, martial arts, movement and static, internal and external cultivation, form and spirit. It can be said that this skill covers the essence of Chinese traditional health care, and is called "the first skill of Chinese health care".

This skill is mainly divided into six core steps: secret method of TuNa, opening tendons and acupoints, root hanging, meridians beating, stretching tendons and bones, meditation. Through practice, you can open Ren and Du Meridians, activate blood, wash bone marrow, activate stem cells, strengthen the original strength of human body, so as to achieve the purpose of disease elimination and disease prevention, self-cultivation, physical fitness and longevity!

Shake the past and shine the present, and the charm will last forever. The promotion of traditional health preserving methods not only contains the connotation of the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, but also conforms to the characteristics of the current social development in China. At present, under the leadership of President Tian Jianhong and Secretary General Zhang Tuo, Henan Yijinjing Research Institute has a Chinese medicine team led by Hu Weiqin, the "red wall royal doctor".

In the future, YiJinJing Research Institute will take Yijinxisuigong as the media, based on the Central Plains, look at the world, while standardizing the domestic market, also welcome the people with lofty ideals who are interested in traditional health culture to join in, and together with us to spread the essence of Chinese health care, so that health can enter thousands of households!